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Take advantage of our special legal packages for getting your business up to speed.  Please contact us for more information and details of prices.



Do you need help getting your new company legally compliant so you’re ready to get up and running? 


For a fixed fee we can review and analyse your new business and provide you with legal advice on the main compliance areas that need consideration:

  1. Structure: Information on how to structure your new business (sole trader / limited liability / franchise etc).

  2. Branding: Checking a name is free to use and Intellectual Property considerations (trade marks, patents, copyright, etc).

  3. Compliance: Complying with fair business rules and considering any regulatory requirements.

  4. Data Protection: Privacy Considerations – the need for a Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy / marketing consents and other consents from individuals who share their personal data with the client.  Plus some information about the Information Commissioners Office and when to register there.

  5. Website Concerns: Making sure all the information requirements are met, highlighting the need for Website T&Cs, Privacy Policy, User Generated Content concerns (blogs, etc).

  6. Business Terms: Ensuring the business has standard terms of business with its clients.

  7. Suppliers: Contracting with suppliers – making sure proper protections are in place.

  8. Employment Issues: A note on employing staff.

  9. Operating Issues: A brief note on operating issues such as premises, managing finances, and insurance.


Do you have a website for your business?  Are you sure that it's complying with all the e-commerce and information requirements legislation?
Prices depend on whether your website has e-commerce facilities for selling goods/services. 

This package includes:

  1. Website legal audits / advice on website updates required to ensure legal compliance.

  2. Website terms and conditions.

  3. Privacy Policy and required customer notifications on your site where personal data is collected.

  4. Cookie Policy and Cookie pop-up notice requirements.

  5. Website information requirements.

  6. Sale of online goods / services terms and conditions.

  7. Copyright legends and advice on content protection.

  8. Online Membership - legal advice and required documentation.


Ensuring compliance with the GDPRs and other privacy related legislation is a hot topic. The Information Commissioners Office has the power to impose fines and other sanctions against non-complying businesses. 
To help you get up to speed and to stay the right side of the law we have this package to get you in compliance, and to take the data protection headache away from you. 
Price depends on how your business is structured and the level of assistance required.

  1. Mini data protection analysis and audit to determine the flows of personal data within your business.

  2. The preparation of an appropriate Privacy Policy.

  3. Advice on cookies on your website and the drafting of a Cookie Policy and cookie consent pop up notices.

  4. Advice on whether you need any Data Processing Agreements in place with any third parties, and if applicable the drafting of these agreements. 

  5. Review of employee data collection and the preparation of data consents.

  6. Advice on international data transfers and assistance with the necessary (and appropriate) documentation to ensure the transfers are legally compliant.



If you’re a life or business coach and not a legal specialist it can be tricky to foresee all your legal risks and how to lower them. Which is why I’ve set up a legal template package specifically for business and life coaches. It runs you through:

    ⁃    How to structure your business;
    ⁃    What laws you need to comply with;
    ⁃    What you need to think about with respect to your IP; and
    ⁃    How to protect your business from legal risk
And it includes these three crucial document templates (with simple instructions) for you to fill in and use:
    ⁃    Coaching Business Terms
    ⁃    Privacy & Cookie Policy
    ⁃    Website Terms

Also included is an hour long Legal Masterclass (which you can purchase separately in my Shop) on the issues you need to consider when setting up your coaching business.


Trade Mark Report Service in which I will advise on the registrability of the mark and check the Intellectual Property Office’s registers to see if anyone else has the same or similar mark.  I then prepare a report for you with my findings, and advise on which class of goods/services you should register your mark in, the best way to protect your name and/or logo and tactics for dealing with any earlier rights owners.  This is always advisable before spending money at the IPO registering a mark that might not be available or registrable.  
For those of you who are time poor, I also offer a Trade Mark Registration Service.  This consists of me preparing and  submitting the application to the IPO, dealing with all the correspondence from the Trade Mark Examiner, dealing with any enquiries and guiding you through the registration process right through to the issuance of the trade mark certificate.

Trade Mark Packages


Do you need help on a regular basis?  Would you like to be allocated a fixed amount of hours each month for legal assistance? 


I offer a retainer service to clients, where in exchange for a fixed fee price you are allocated a certain amount of hours of my time.  You can use this time for telephone advice, drafting/reviewing/negotiating commercial contracts, advice on data protection worries, help with IP matters (including trade mark registrations), in fact anything you need commercial legal help with. 


I offer bundles of time from 5 hours a month up to 20 hours.  

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