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Commercial contracts provide certainty for businesses as to how a business relationship will be governed.   By having an agreed contract in place the levels of legal risk are vastly reduced and disputes are kept to an absolute minimum. 

Aubergine Legal can help you with a myriad of different types of commercial contracts, from initial discussions, to agreeing terms for a business relationship, through to ending relationships. 

Here’s a flavour of the usual commercial contracts we advise on:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements

  • Standard Business Terms & Conditions – for the supply of Goods and/or Services

  • Intellectual Property Licences and Assignments

  • Service Contracts

  • Master Service Agreements

  • Franchise Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Sponsorship Agreements

  • Media Buying Agreements

  • Creative Services Agreement

  • Publishing and Co-Publishing Agreements (including specialist computer gaming industry knowledge)

  • Termination Agreements

For commercial contract work we offer (i) risk reviews on existing contracts, to highlight any risks you may be exposed to along with solutions to reduce those risks, (ii) drafting of commercial contracts and standard terms; (iii) negotiating commercial contracts with the other side; and (iv) terminating agreements when the business relationship has run its course.


Protecting your businesses assets is so important.  Your brand, content, ideas and designs can often be the most valuable asset your business owns. 

Ensuring your intellectual property is registered, protected and enforced properly is something that we can help you with. 

Specific services we can offer in the intellectual property field are as follows:

  • Strategy advice on IP portfolio.

  • Advice on branding protection.

  • Trade mark registrations and enforcement of rights against infringers.

  • Cease and desist letters.

  • Domain name issues.

  • Copyright queries.

  • Preliminary patent advice.

  • Design rights.

  • Database rights.

  • Software IP issues.

  • Licensing and assignments of intellectual property rights.

  • Review of IP clauses in commercial contracts.


With the introduction of the GDPRs, being clued up on the world of data protection is more important than ever.  We can guide you through the data protection pitfalls and help you stay on the right side of the Information Commissioners Office.   Specific areas where we can assist are:

  • Data Protection compliance advice

  • GDPR advice

  • Data Protection Audits

  • Privacy Policy updates

  • Cookie Policy updates

  • Direct Marketing Advice

  • Data Processing Agreements

  • Information Commissioners Office notifications

  • Employee Data and Monitoring

  • Rights of Data Subjects


Aubergine Legal can assist you with your legal compliance issues when carrying on business online.  From websites to Apps to social media, we have your back in the digital world.

  • E-commerce Terms and Conditions (Online Sale of Goods/Services)

  • Website Terms and Conditions

  • Information Requirements

  • Consumer Rights

  • Social Media legal issues and User Generated Content advice

  • Mobile App Terms and Conditions

  • Digital Content

  • Competitions and Prize Promotions

  • Online Advertising issues

  • Digital Marketing


The Information Technology world is ever evolving.  Making sure your IT agreements are up to date and proper protections are in place,(especially in relation to your IP issues), can be strategically important for your business. 

Let Aubergine Legal review and update your legal agreements to ensure legal risks are kept to a minimum.  We can help with reviewing and drafting agreements, as well as general legal advice on various IT issues.

  • Software Licences

  • Software Maintenance Agreements

  • Service Level Agreements

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Agreements

  • Subscription Agreements

  • Mobile Application Agreements – Development and EULAs

  • End User Licence Agreements

  • Outsourcing Agreements


Aubergine Legal has advised many businesses in the media and creative industry.  These businesses often need advice and assistance with the following areas and types of agreements:

  • Marketing Services Agreements

  • Creative Design Agency Agreements

  • Publishing Agreements

  • Advertising Agreements

  • Advice on Advertising Codes

  • Media Buying Agreements

  • Digital Marketing Agreements and Advice

  • Marketing Consents (including advice on GDPR and e-Privacy issues)

  • Social Media Platforms (including policies)


The computer gaming industry is a fast paced industry and we have experience of working for one of the biggest global publishers here at Aubergine Legal.  If you are a computer games developer needing legal assistance when negotiating a publishing deal then please reach out.  Advice available in the following legal areas:

  • Publishing and co-publishing agreements

  • Voice over agreements

  • Talent Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Retailer Agreements

  • Creative Agency Agreements for packaging and other design work

  • In-game advertising

  • Promotions