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Online T&Cs for Online Courses and Workshops

Are you selling online courses or workshops on your website? 


If so, you need a set of terms and conditions to ensure you comply with all the relevant laws and regulations.  You also need to make sure the intellectual property (all the content) is properly protected. 


Download these user friendly T&Cs and have them included just before the point of sale in your e-commerce process to make sure you are properly protected.  These can be used for individals (consumers) and businesses buying courses via your website.


Sections/Terms in this set of T&Cs include:

Who We are

Our Workshops

How to Purchase a Workshop

Confirmation of Purchase



IP Licence

Liability Provisions

Use of Web-Conferencing Platforms

Contact Us

General Terms (the usual boiler plate terms - but written in plain English!)


Online T&Cs for Online Courses and Workshops

VAT Included
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