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Supplier Service Agreement

Do you engage suppliers to help you run your business? Perhaps you have someone creating content for you, maybe you use marketing consultants, or do you have the help of IT service providers on tap?


Then you need this handy set of T&Cs that can be used for all types of suppliers to ensure your business is protected.


This Supplier Agreement Template includes the following features:


  • A handy front table in which you can agree the commercial specific information with your supplier (their contact details, the types of services they will provide to you, the agreed fee rates and payment terms).
  • The agreement then has a set of legal terms and conditions after the commercial front table – which will remain the same for each type of supplier. These will protect your business from legal risks.
  • The agreement is structured so that you can agree ‘statements of work’ from time to time – just by email or agreeing a purchase order with the supplier. Each time you do this, the legal T&Cs will apply to each piece of work the supplier provides for you – making your legal admin easy and stress-free (no need to enter into a legal agreement each time!).
  • Handy explanatory notes to explain how to complete and how to make sure the agreement applies to each piece of work agreed by email/PO.
  • Legal T&Cs ensuring anything the supplier creates for you becomes your IP.
  • A robust data processing clause to ensure UK data protection compliance.

Supplier Service Agreement

VAT Included
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