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Virtual Assistant Legal Template Package

Are you a virtual assistant? Are you in the process of setting up your VA business or do you need to have a legal document refresh?


This pack contains all the key legal documents you need to run your VA business and to ensure you are protected legally. Written in clear, plain English. These documents apply to VA businesses being set up and run in the UK.


  • Virtual Assistant Services Agreement – this sets out the terms between you and each of your clients. It is structured so that all the commercial information (such as service offering, fees, payment terms, etc) are all agreed up front in a flexible table. Behind which the legal terms and conditions will sit – these won’t need to be amended. So this document gives you the flexibility over the commercial  'bits' (every client is different – right?), but without having to amend the legal ‘bits’.  It also covers the unique way that VAs need to deal with intellectual property with their clients and the fact that you will predominantly be a data-processor for your clients.


  • Virtual Assistant Privacy & Cookie Policy – you need this document to tick all those data protection compliance boxes (including the PECR requirements over cookies). The template just needs completing with your specific business information and can then be uploaded onto your website as a point of reference for your clients who need to know about your data processing activities.


  • Virtual Assistant Website Terms of Use – this also will simply sit as a link at the foot of your website. It is there mainly to protect your content on your website and to make sure no-one does anything that causes damage to your website.


  • Virtual Assistant Associate Services Agreement - are you using the services of another VA to take the strain of your work load?  Then you need this agreement to set out the relationship between you and your associate.  Services to be provided, how the fees work, the all important IP clause and data processing clauses.  This agreement will also make it clear that your associate is not an employee (you don't want to be liable for their PAYE/NI contributions!).  All set out in an easy to navigate letter agreement style.


  • Masterclass Recording – a pre-recorded session from me (with some slides) on how to protect your copyright, your brand, things to think about when creating online content and legal tips when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business.


This product is for UK based customers only.  On purchasing you are agreeing to the confirmation that you are a UK based customer. 

Virtual Assistant Legal Template Package

VAT Included
  • Word documents x4

    Masterclass Video MP3 x1

    Masterclass PDF x1

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